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Alaska Auto Shipping

AM PM Alaska Auto Shipping

Alaska is in the northwest of the North American continent. Being the largest by its area, Alaska is not next to other US states. It is bordering Canada and the Arctic Ocean. Almost the half of the people live within the Anchorage metropolitan area. The economy is based on oil, natural gas, fishing and of course tourism. Alaska was purchased from Russian Empire for 7.2 million dollars by US.

It became 49th state of US on January 3, 1959. As Alaska is not part of US mainland. Juneau is the capital city of Alaska state. The climate in Alaska is different, depending on the parts. In summer the temperature may reach 90 °F and in winter it can fall below -60 °F. The climate of Anchorage is mild.

When sayig Alaska many people imagine it as very cold, large and wild state.

Alaska Auto Shipping

In fact it is true. Alaska is large and some parts of it are really cold, mostly in winter. And it’s famous for its wildlife and animals. Every year dog sled race takes places in city of Anchorage. Alaska is a nice place to live or visit.

Alaska Auto Shipping with AM PM Auto Transport

If you decide to move to/from Alaska we can ship your car. It can be easier than you think. No matter you are a student, a business owner or a military moving to Alaska or moving back to the mainland we can help. We will set up your auto move in a matter of days. We can set up door to door service to get your car to the ports of AK, Tacoma, Anchorage or WA. From there, your auto or equipment rolled on/rolled off a vessel that ships this kind of freight.

When it reaches the port, you can directly pick up the car or our shippers will deliver it to your door. Alaska Auto Shipping often takes 14-20 days, depending on the pick up place in the US. Before starting your Alaska Auto Shipping, check your car and inform us if any existing damages are present.

Trust your Alaska auto shipping to AM PM Auto Transport. We have been in the industry long enough and have shipped 1000s of cars in the US and Canada. Our professional team can handle any kind of auto transport across the states.

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