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Auto Transport Companies

Auto Transport Companies provide all sorts of auto shipping services. Nowadays you can ship any kind of vehicle using car transport services. Auto transport will help you easily move your vehicle to a different city or state. Many people prefer using auto shipping to driving long distances. It’s easier and much more convenient. Most of the time it also costs less to ship a vehicle than to drive it to across the country. This way you can also avoid tear and wear. That is why auto shipping becomes more and more popular for all kinds of auto moving situations.

There are some tips that will help you choose from many auto transport companies and understand the process of car shipping.

First, you need to find dependable car movers. Look for auto shipping companies with good auto transport reviews. Make sure you choose from car movers that have been in the industry long enough. Don’t just look for the lowest quote. Look for Auto Transport companies with a great reputation.

Once you have chosen who you want to ship with, the process of auto shipping begins. So, what’s the next thing you do?

Auto Transport Companies


How to Work With Auto Transport Companies

First, you get a quote from the company. Don’t forget to mention all the details as they can affect the price of your car transport. For instance, an inoperable vehicle needs special tools to be loaded and unloaded. It will increase the price. You also might have options to choose from, like Open and Enclosed Auto Transport.

Then you and the agent you are working with will discuss the dates of pick-up and delivery. It’s best to contact Auto Transport Companies about two weeks prior to the planned date of pick-up. Although some auto shipping companies provide expedited car transport. But it is more expensive and the same day pick up is not guaranteed.

After the dates have been discussed, you need to prepare your car for transport. Clean it, remove all the sticking parts. Take pictures and note all the existing damage if there is any. Don’t put any items inside of your vehicle as they will not be insured.

At the date of pick up, car carrier will inspect your vehicle before loading it. After your car is in the process of auto transport, you only have to wait. Good car transport companies will always give you updates about your delivery status.

After your car is dropped off, it will be inspected again. Note if there is any damage that has occurred in the process of auto shipping. If there is something wrong, you should contact the company to help you file the claim. Don’t sign the bill of lading before you check the condition of your car.

And that is how the whole process of dealing with auto shipping companies looks like. AM PM Auto Transport will be happy to assist you with car shipping. Call us for a free quote or fill in the form on our website.


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