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Car Moving

One of the things we have to deal with when we relocate is moving a car. Car Moving is better to be done by an auto shipping company. Many people choose it over driving to a faraway city or state. Auto Transport services become more and more common among regular people, not just businesses. It is quite affordable and makes a moving process a lot easier. To get reliable auto moving services, you should make sure you have chosen a good auto shipping company to ship with. Then everything is really simple.

Car Moving

What does Car Moving process look like?

Car Moving starts with shopping around for an auto transport quote. Don’t just look for the cheapest car carrier. Low quotes can be a bad sign. It’s usually just a way to get a customer and make him book only to raise the price later. Better read auto transport reviews and check BBB to see which auto shipping companies are reliable.

When you have chosen car transport companies with a good reputation, call for quotes. You can also often request car shipping quotes online. Once you have decided what car moving company you’re going to work with, it is time to set the dates and discuss all the details.

There may be options for your car shipping. You can choose either open car transport or enclosed auto shipping. Open car transport is the most common option for car moving. It’s affordable and used by the majority of car shipping customers. Enclosed auto transport is pricier but it is the right choice for luxury cars.

As for the dates, it is always best to plan your auto moving ahead. But some car movers also provide expedited auto shipping. This way your car will be picked up as soon as possible. But it also costs more.

After the dates are set, you will need to prepare your vehicle for auto transport. You will have to clean it and make sure there are no sticking parts that can damage your or other cars during auto shipping. Note if there is any existing damage and take pictures of your car.

On the day of the pick-up, your car will be inspected by the car shipping company’s career. Some companies deliver door-to-door, so the car can be picked up at your location. Other car carriers will ask you to drive your vehicle to a terminal. The same is with the drop-off. And while your car is in transit, you can call the company and ask for an update on the delivery.

When your car has dropped off, it will be inspected again. If there is any damage, you should file a claim with the help of your car shipping company.

With dependable auto movers, the whole process is really simple and you will have nothing to worry about.

AM PM Auto Transport will be happy to provide you with a free car shipping quote and high-quality auto shipping services. AM PM is looking forward to hearing from you!


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