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Car Transport

AM PM Auto Transport is a leading car transport company offering all types of vehicle shipping. We transport cars from any state in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. AM PM provides both Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping services.


Open car transport

car transport

Your car is transported on an open trailer with other vehicles. This type of auto transport is cheaper compared to enclosed car shipping. When choosing to ship a car on an open trailer, people worry that their vehicle is going to be moved together with other cars. However, there is no need to worry! Yes, there will be a few vehicles on the same trailer but all of them will be securely attached to the flatbed. Open Car Shipping is the most popular type of auto shipping. It’s cheaper and more available. Many times we can see such trucks on a highway carrying many cars at the same time.


Enclosed car shipping

Your car is transported in an enclosed trailer. This type of shipping costs more but is better for an expensive car. Our skillful staff will load it carefully in our special enclosed trailer.

It’s a perfect option for dealerships and shows car transport. If your car is an exotic, vintage, sports or classic, it is best to transport it enclosed. AM PM Auto Transport had a wide range of auto services, including door-to-door auto transport, military vehicle transport, snowbird transport services, and exotic car shipping.

When we take an order, we will give you the exact day of pick up. Once the order and the payments are done, we will pick up the vehicle. The most convenient option for your shipping is door-to-door service. The truck can access almost all areas, even though sometimes streets can be too narrow for the truck. In that case, we can do the pickup or drop off at a nearby parking lot or a terminal.

It is easy to ship a car with AM PM. Get a free quote and move your vehicle safely and without any stress!


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