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For every company, it’s important to have happy customer reviews. Many businesses today depend on happy customer reviews. For every business, good reviews are a sign of success. Most of the customers check the business’s reviews before using it. To avoid bad services or frauds, we also strongly advise you to check our customer reviews. As there are plenty of businesses and companies, it’s confusing for everyone. They can claim to provide the best services, high quality of work, but to trust these words can help customer reviews. You can read our customer reviews in,,

Real customers and real customer reviews.

At AM PM Auto Transport we always read all customer reviews.
Here’s some of them:

My husband called Laura at AmPm 3 days ago, we wanted to relocate to Fayetteville from Venice. I really hoped to have my mother-in-law’s gift – 2001 Toyota 4Runner, shipped when we arrived in Georgia. It took Laura 40 minutes to complete our order. My husband is in the transport industry and after the driver unloaded the car, he was surprised how professional the driver was. He couldn’t have imagined more professional shipment process.

My grandpa gave me a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air as a gift. And my classic car was very special to me. As it was restored, I have been waiting for 2 years to have it shipped to me. Everything went perfect. The driver was really careful during the shipment process. As a result, my car didn’t have any damages. I am happy with my car. I really enjoy it, thanks to Am Pm great team.

Thanks, AmPm team, I highly appreciate your efforts to satisfy the customer.

I got shipped my 2012 white Kia Sportage from Sherman Oaks, CA to Bradenton, FL by submitting quote on their website. The customer representative called me back in 20 minutes and made my order. Incredibly fast. He got me the best carrier. I paid part of the cost front- just $150 from $950. I paid the rest when car was shipped. No increase in a price. But I left a tip for driver’s great job4. No misunderstandings during the whole process. Everything was clear without any hidden facts or costs. I spoke to Laura .She had a carrier lined up within 5 hours to ship my 2003 Nissan Murano 2100 miles away. 2100 miles and no damages at all. Amazing driver!5. When I was driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for vacation, got into an accident on the freeway. I had to ship my car. As I used AmPm when I was relocating to LA, I called my broker-Laura and scheduled almost immediate pick-up. My 2003 Toyota Corolla was shipped by a very careful driver, by the way the same driver that I got last time. Thanks. I really enjoyed my vacation.6. We had four cars shipped from California to New Jersey as part of a company relocation. All were new brand cars two 2015 Toyota Camries, 2015 BMW X5 and 2014 Mercedes ML 350. They were courteous about inspecting the vehicle and accepting it for transport. Cars arrived in shape they left. The cars were picked up on March 30th and ready for me by April 5 despite the estimated delivery of April 6.7. Finally I found a company that kept its promises! I contracted with another auto shipper and was lied to and misinformed. They left my car on the board for 2 weeks. I was very disappointed. I decided to deal with another company. So I called Scott at AmPm and he gave me information on when I could have it picked up. His price was the cheapest .What a waste of time dealing with that other company when I could have went with AmPm and all this mess could have been avoided. My car was picked up by their driver and delivered on time. I nearly hugged the driver when I saw him pulled my house with my car. Great service at a great price. Thank you.8. First of all, price – $200 less than competitors. Second, I avoided the stressful process that I had with my previous 2 shipping companies. Finally found a company that knows what customer service and safe transportation are. My order number was 5842-XN and they shipped my 2006 chevy impala. Flawless move.

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