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Oroville Car Shipping

Oroville Car Shipping

Oroville, CA’s population rose to 17,996 in the year 2016. The city holds the county seat of Butte County. Initially, Oroville was called Ophir City but later the change was made to Oroville when the first post office was opened in 1854.  Oro means gold in Spanish and is one of the first gold mining sites in California, the name fits the city well. The first trace of gold was found in a site with the name of Bidwell Bar, which is now occupied by the waters of the huge Lake Oroville, which was filled in 1968. We remember the site by the Bidwell Bar Bridge which is an original remnant from the area and is the first suspension bridge in the state of California. Oroville is looked upon as a gateway to Lake Oroville and Feather River Recreational Areas. Archeologists call the city the Northwest border for the Prehistoric Martis people.

AMPM Oroville Car Shipping

AMPM Auto Transportation is here to help you with your move to or from Oroville. Assist yourself by allowing us to take care of all the particulars that relate to transporting your car. We ship all kinds of vehicles including, cars, trucks, buses, limos, boats, and taxis. Our prices are affordable and of service impeccable. We can also ship your vehicle from Oroville to anywhere in the United States and back. Free yourself from the hassle and stress by contacting us. Our usual delivery sort is a door to door transport. Therefore, AMPM picks up from your doorstep and delivers to your doorstep. We also have many different auto transport options, including rush shipping. We also offer special discounts for military personnel, students, and senior citizens.

Our carriers and your car are under full insurance coverage, so you don’t have to burden yourself with any concerns about any on-road damage that may occur. Contact us today for a free quote online or over the phone

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