3 Major Reasons For Truckers Back Pains

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As with any type of job that includes a lot of sitting, many truck drivers inevitably get some sort of back pain at some point of their work. In 1991 the study established that no less than 40% of truck drivers suffer from different types of back pain. Drivers usually experience dull pain in the lower back, sore neck and tight muscles that can also cause headaches, sharp back pain while walking or sitting, trouble moving legs, spine and hips. Another problem is that drivers usually only try to treat the pain itself, not the root of the problem. Obviously, it doesn’t help a lot and only reduce pain for a limited period of time after which it eventually comes back because the source of it is not treated properly.


There are three major causes of the back pain for drivers.

  1. Weak Glutes Causes Poor Stability

As surprisingly as it may sound, weak glutes is one of the main causes of the back pain. That is because glutes is essential in stabilizing hips which has effect on your posture. So because truck drivers spend most of their time sitting, the glutes does not get utilized enough and becomes weak which leads to poor stability and back pains. To cure this problem, exercising glutes is needed to strengthen the pelvis.


  1. The Spine Compression

There are 33 bones in the body’s vertebrae. They all have their own little joints and although they allow a small range of movement, when they work together that range gets massive. There is the liquid between these bones and it’s an essential component of the vertebrae that keeps the bones springy. That helps to increase the spine column’s durability.

Again, because drivers sit for long periods of time, this liquid doesn’t work effectively. If collagen gets into the joints, this will decrease the movement range and leads to the higher risk of back pain.


  1. Muscle imbalances

One of the main reasons of back pains for truckers is poor core activation. It happens because of the imbalances between abdominal muscles and the glutes, upper back and lower back. To make sure that the core muscles are actively used, you need to exercise. Deep breathing and stretching will help you increase movement of your core muscles.


Always try to address your back problems accordingly and in proper time. Don’t just use medications to reduce the pain but rather try to find the source of problem and deal with it.

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  1. Thomas

    The older I get, it seems like the worse off my back gets from just doing simple tasks. Especially after a long day of driving. Can you recommend any specific types of exercise or stretches that I can do on the road?

      1. Thomas

        Thanks, I could definitely use some help!

  2. Charlie

    For years I had problems with my back. It wasn’t until I got serious about my diet an exercise did I start to get some relief. You never realize how bad carrying around that spare tire is for you until you lose it. Thank goodness I did before it was to late!

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