Amazon Comes Out With A New Delivery Vehicle To Bring Us Our Parcels

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Have you ever thought about what could be better about receiving delivery from Amazon? Maybe if they actually stuck around to hang out, or if they helped you to assemble the product or maybe even if they actually did come out with the drones that were going to be a big deal at one point. But no. Amazon, like Apple, thinks differently. And the way they’re thinking differently here may surprise you. More on this after the jump.

Amazon News | October 8th, 2020

Yes. 100% Electric. That’s what Amazon is doing now. Paving their own arrival, sans petroleum. Delivery vans might be a better way of putting it. Honestly this kind of looks more like if constant Lego ripoff company, Playmobil had a growth ray pointed at one of their playset vehicles. But whatever! 100% electric delivery vans are expected to hit your neighborhood with a dash of friendliness by 2021.

So How Is Amazon Doing Us An “AMAZING Service?”

Working with car manufacturer Rivian, Amazon is deploying three different van sizes. They will cater to different geographic locations. A small van, for instance will be able to zip through tighter urban infrastructures whereas larger ones will roam the country roads.

Some vans have specific powertrain settings with forward-wheel drive while others are more in-line with all-wheel drive to propel through colder climates. The 2021 Rivian R1S SUV, plastered with that trademark smirk, is capable of going anywhere from 240 to 410 miles maximum. The van is a little less than it’s SUV cousin, but with bigger size comes bigger batteries.

Note the huge windshield, capable of more frontward visibility than anything else on the market. And the panoramic display of 360-degree cameras also helps.

And you know how these user-friendly companies can be. Listing the ground panels as a “dance floor” because of how simple it is to move about. Alexa is around to give you weather updates. And what about that color scheme?

A scheme indeed. Where are those damn drones?!

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