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Athens Car Transport

Athens is a city in northeastern Georgia. Part of the consolidated city-county of Athens-Clarke County, the city has a population of about 127,000.

City Hall and downtown Athens.

Athens is a college town, dominated by the main campus of the University of Georgia. This flagship research university hosts around 40,000 students every year. It’s also one of the oldest universities in the country, having been originally founded in 1785. Sanford Stadium, home of the Bulldogs football team, seats an astounding 92,000 fans. At the north end of campus, visitors and students alike often stop to take pictures at the Arch.

Athens is also home to a few notable curiosities. Just north of the university’s campus sits a Double Barrel Cannon, one of only a few of its kind. It was built during the Civil War but was never used in combat. Still, the cannon stands in front of Athens City Hall as a curiosity. Even more curious is the notorious Tree That Owns Itself. Local legend holds that a man in the 1800s who owned the land surrounding the tree deeded said land to the tree itself. Though the original tree fell in 1942, Athenians planted a new tree from one of its acorns in the same spot off of Broad Street. This second tree carries the legend of its predecessor and remains one of the most famous trees in the country.

AMPM Auto Transport in Athens

Athens is a great place to move, whether you’re looking for new opportunities or for a fun town to settle down in for a while. Of course, when you do choose to move, you’ll encounter the question of your car. What should you do with it?

You should ship it with AMPM! AMPM Auto Transport is the leading provider of car transport services in Athens and all of Georgia. With our friendly phone agents and excellent drivers, we guarantee that AMPM will provide you with the transport service you need. And our affordable rates will leave you wondering how we manage to provide such a great service for so little!

At AMPM, we want to ensure that we provide you with the best service every time. This means working closely with DOT Operating Authority to ensure we’re up to date on all of our safety guidelines. It also means training our drivers extensively to ensure that they follow all applicable rules, whether those be federal, state, or our internal safety guidelines. We want your vehicles to arrive at their destination looking as good as new.

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