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Atlantic City is a city on the coast of South Jersey. Its population, as of 2020, was about 38,000.

Atlantic City is not a large city, but it is considered the cultural capital of its region. This is due in no small part to the fact that the city legalized gambling in 1976. Since then, excellent casino resorts like the Borgata and Caesar’s Atlantic City have cropped up. Their presence has given Atlantic City the reputation of being the gambling capital of the east coast.

Atlantic City is also a beach community with much of the charm that comes with that type of city. Its Boardwalk is an iconic spot for visitors to enjoy views of the Atlantic and shop. New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse, the Absecon Lighthouse, stands proudly over Atlantic City. This lighthouse was built in 1857, and though it no longer helps ships at sea, it helps New Jerseyans get a taste of their past.

Atlantic City’s weather is moderated by the Atlantic Ocean, so its summers are cooler and its winters warmer than other New Jersey cities. It gets a fair amount of rain year-round, however.

AMPM Serves Atlantic City with Excellent Car Transport

If you have an itch to move to Atlantic City, or if you’re taking a vacation to the Jersey Shore, then you’ll need to figure out how to get your car there. Driving it yourself is tiresome, challenging, and can even be dangerous. Instead of making yourself drive your car over such a distance, let AMPM drive it there for you!

The car shipping experts at AMPM know how to safely handle cars. With over a decade of experience in the vehicle transport world, our team can handle any vehicle with ease. From standard car transport to boat shipping, our team will secure and transport whatever you need to ship with ease. And thanks to our filing agency partners, you’ll know we’re doing everything in complete compliance with federal regulations. If you want your car, boat, RV, or other vehicle to be shipped by professionals, then look no further than AMPM.

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