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Bend Car Transport

Mt. Bachelor is a popular destination for Bend visitors.

Bend is the largest city in central Oregon. It had a population of 99,000 in 2020, when the last U.S. Census was taken.

Bend is a popular destination for outdoorsy people. Its surroundings include Tumalo State Park to the north, the Oregon Badlands Wilderness to the east, and the Deschutes National Forest to the west. Between these three thriving natural areas, there’s always some lovely nature out there to see.

The city of Bend is also fun and exciting. It has a couple of great museums, including the High Desert Museum, which shows off the history of the eastern half of the state. The Old Mill District is Bend’s biggest shopping destination, and it provides lovely views of the Deschutes River. And the city famously hosts the last Blockbuster Video store for those who want to engage in some 90s-2000s nostalgia.

Bend has a very different climate from coastal Oregon. It’s in a semi-arid desert that gets warm during the summer and quite cold during the winter.

Transport Your Car to Bend with AMPM

AMPM is happy to provide the finest auto shipping in Bend and eastern Oregon. Between our excellent drivers and our dedicated phone agents, we know we can provide the best service possible. If you’re moving to Oregon, we’d love to make your life a little bit easier.

Our team knows all there is to know about trucking in Oregon, so you know they’ll take the best routes every time. Whether you need to move a regular four-door sedan or a massive motor home, we have drivers who can help you out with the utmost professionalism. Other car shipping companies only haul small cars, and they do so with second-rate drivers. However, with AMPM, you get the finest car haulers and a wide range of services. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you need us to ship; we can handle them all!

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