Bentley Bids Goodbye To The 12-Cylinder Engine And Hello To EVs

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Bentley is pushing forward to electric vehicles.
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ever since its conception Bentley motors has been the most luxurious choice when it comes to choosing the ideal internal combustion engine. Well now after so many decades have passed Bentley is finally bidding adieu to The classic 12 cylinder W 12 engine while the brand pushes towards a more ecologically sound future. Yes you guessed it a future of electric vehicles.

so how will things be different? For well beyond 100 years Bentley has been known for the most interestingly comfortable design when it comes to high-grade performance within their vehicles.

well when you think about luxury you would have to think about what feels the most comfortable and I’m pretty sure pushing more carbon dioxide into the air and furthermore carbon monoxide into the air of the earth might feel a little less comfortable than simply running on the beauty of electricity.

As it stands right now Bentley apart of Volkswagen has made the announcement as early as fall 2020 to go ahead and join its ranks of fellow auto makers by becoming yet another all electric brand within the span of a decade. Marketed as their beyond 100 sustainability strategy Bentley is going to change up the way they do business in the most streamlined manner that would accommodate for an carbon-neutral company. This vision is expected to be fully realized by the year 2030.

For starters, within the next 10 years Bentley will invest around $3.4 billion USD for the flipping of their whole range of models to become BEV‘s or battery electric vehicles only. Quite a heroic step, if you ask me.

In addition, a new dream factory is to be built within England as Bentley is excited to transform operations at this location. While Bentley is pretty curious about being the most luxurious option in the arena of electric cars they are certainly not going too big too soon. Bentley for instance is interested in creating more models similar to that of the hybrid options they currently offer; being the Flying Spur and the Bentayga hybrid.

Currently Bentley is interested in creating a new electric vehicle every year starting in 2025. However for this to happen smoothly the company will have to put just as much effort in putting W 12 gas engines with 12 cylinders to rest as they evolve into a cleaner company.

Bentley is bold for phasing out 12-cylinder engines.

Because honestly that’s the type of shift that you need to make in the industry in order for your company to go ahead above and beyond the pack. Like it’s great that you have plans to get started on electric vehicles but if you don’t already cycle out the internal combustion engines that’s so explicitly make it necessary to introduce a cleaner powertrain onto the highways well, then you’re not really doing much for the environment now are you? It’s all food for thought really because if you are the change you want to see in the world, the world may change for the best.

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