Bentley Motors Biggest-Ever Intake of Trainees in 2021

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Bentley Motors has just announced the company’s biggest amount of trainees, this coincides with the launch of National Apprenticeship Week. A total of 112 recruits will begin their careers at Bentley headquarters in Crewe. They will work across all sectors of the business. This will occur in spite of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apprentices, Undergraduates, and Graduates

Moreover, the upcoming talent will include apprentices, undergraduates, and graduates. These candidates will join the most in-demand luxury car brand in the world. Eventually, the most successful individuals will garner positions in departments such as Engineering, Production, Marketing and Communications, Project Management, Human Resources, and Health and Safety.

Bentley Motors Positions

The most substantial intake of positions will be in digital and technology. They will account for roughly a third of the total number of trainees. In fact, Bentley focuses on candidates with the specific skillsets to help shape the company’s ambitious Beyond100 strategy.

Dr. Astrid Fontaine who is member of the Board for People, Digitalisation and IT, commented:

“This year, Bentley Motors is making a commitment to continue its focus on engaging only the best talent. In fact, this year, the company will be recruiting more new trainees to its future talent program than ever before. This is a fast-paced changing world of automotive, mobility, and services. We will invest further in digital experiences. They, moreover, already exist as part of the program. Transforming Bentley’s entire operations, these will be vital. Therefore, lead to sustainable luxury mobility into the future.”

Bentley and its Ambitious Targets

Underpinned by ambitious targets, Bentley’s future is set forth in last year’s ground-breaking Beyond100 strategy. Moreover, the company plans to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility. They will reinvent every aspect of its business. It will include plans to become end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030. Then move forward to full electrification through its full model range in the same designated timeframe.

The company plans to help design and build these Bentleys of the future. They will put the focus on greater diversity, upskilling some areas and attracting a wide range of the finest talent from all walks of life. This include digital innovators and creative thinkers.

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