Biden Wants To Review The Transportation Sector And Do A Re-Do

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You tend to be able to do a lot as the president. This includes being able to fire people, pardon people, pardon a Thanksgiving Turkey, Roast the Thanksgiving Turkey, save Christmas and of course, reassess the transportation networks under your government. In light of the dark COVID-19 pandemic, reviews are necessary. As it turns out, Biden is looking to use his executive order to proper promise the goodness that came from his campaign promise. Which was to review supply chains. This is crucial. If Biden can figure out how to lessen American dependency on imports for pandemic stuff, it’d make us look great.

The administration has been trying to reach a moment of reviweing the industrial base of transportation. Also, supply chains for agricultural commodities and food production. Other industrial-base sectors include public health, defense, information and biological preparedness. Fact sheets say that the U.S. Department of Transportation is going well. Maybe this is because they are identifying locations of key manufacturing. Also, production assets plus the role of transportation systems support supply chains.

In a statement, the office of President Joe Biden has mentioned important needs to be addressed by these provisions. This comes in the forms of production shortages, trade disruptions, and potential actions made by foreign competitors plus adversaries. The President is trying hard to deliver true on the promises made by the administration. That’s what I figure. It’s to hopefully address supply chain risks in ways that haven’t been properly addressed before. The order has also legs developed enough to walk on it’s own.

The Department of Transportation is requiring identification for these instances. And so is Biden.

Certain products are undergoing the search by Biden for vulnerabilities. Like, in one instance, the critical minerals, the active pharmaceutical ingredients, the large capacity batteries and more! Biden really has his hands full.

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