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February 5, 2019
Blue Waters Truck Crash Leads to Two Fatalities

Blue Waters Truck Crash Leads to Two Fatalities

CHARLIEVILLE, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – A Blue Waters truck turned over on the highway this morning. The accident occurred along the Uriah Butler Highway near Charlieville. Interestingly, this truck was hauling cases of bottled water. Unfortunately, two women died from the incident, and one person is currently in critical condition.

While driving, a tire on the truck blew out, and the driver lost control and crossed the median of the highway. The driver was traveling Southbound near Charlieville, Trinidad and Tobago. This led to a massive pile-up.

As of 10 AM, the accident has still left the highway in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Sadly, when the delivery truck crossed the median, it hit a Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC).

The women who perished were aboard the bus. Also, a third passenger is now in critical condition. Fortunately, other individuals injuries’ were not life-threatening.

Thus, many attribute the fatalities to lack of highway barriers. President of Arrive Alive said that the lack of these barriers contributes greatly to fatal collisions. It’s chance events like a tire blowing out that has led to multiple casualties. She was greatly upset by the incident. She personally offered her condolences to the families and with regards to the needless loss of life.

Although many accidents have occurred because of the lack of separators, only time will tell if the government will doll out the money to build highway dividers. View the aftermath of the accident here.

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