Can I Leave Personal Items Inside My Car During Auto Transport?

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Leaving personal items in your car during an auto shipment is a huge "no-no".
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If you’re moving, you know one certain fact. Finding extra room is crucial. If you can consolidate two boxes into one, that’s one less thing you have to carry to your new place. If you can order the smaller moving truck, you can save a good chunk of change. So perhaps you’re thinking that it might be a good idea to put some boxes in that car you’re going to get shipped to your new place. If this is your plan, you may want to rethink it. Leaving personal items in your car during an auto shipment is a huge “no-no”.

It could raise your rates and even leave your possessions exposed to theft or damage. Every shipping company is a little different when it comes to leaving possessions in your car. There are some standards and best practices that you should be aware of. This can help protect your possessions and make the process as easy as possible.

Is it Illegal to Ship a Car with Personal Items Inside?

It’s not illegal, but there are some personal items you may not want to keep in your car. The law isn’t really the reason you won’t want to keep personal items in your vehicle during a shipment. However, your shipping company may have some rules and regulations that prohibit certain items. It may also be in your best interest to keep some other items from inside your car.

For larger items, weight is a huge contributing factor. When a shipping company gives you a quote to ship your car, they assume the weight of your car is factory-issued. Weight is a huge consideration for shipping companies. After all, the heavier the car, the more expensive it will be to ship. This is because weigh stations charge trucks differently for how heavy their trucks are. Not to mention, heavier trucks consume more gas. All of this is factored into the cost, and if your car is suddenly considerably heavier, those charges could find their way back to you.

Car Shipping Is a Bumpy Ride

Some personal items may be lighter and your car shipper won’t even notice. That being said, when your car is on the trailer, you can expect the car to bounce around while on the trailer. Most shipping companies even require you to remove all loose change and electronic devices like dash radars and phone mounts. This is because during the ride, in some cases, the loose change could bounce up and scratch up your interior. Now imagine what’s inside that box you want to keep in your back seat. Is that going to hold up well when the truck goes over a bump?

Your car may be left unattended

A box of linens can certainly be left in the back seat, right? Unfortunately, if your car travels a far enough distance, your driver will surely need a break. They may stop at a truck stop, and your car will be left unattended over night. Thieves could notice the box in the back seat and wonder what’s inside. Are there gold bars, fancy electronics, or is it just a box of cash? The only way for a thief to find out is to break into your car. The rule of thumb is that you should take out anything that you wouldn’t leave in your car parked on the street overnight. Things like backpacks, bags, and, of course, boxes.

Don’t shipping companies have insurance to Cover Personal Items?

Most quality shipping companies have fantastic insurance. However, the insurance covers your vehicle, not what’s inside. If you plan to leave a high-priced item like a television in the trunk and it breaks, that expense comes out of your pocket.

If you do have some items that you feel could be safely transported inside your car, talk to your shipping company. For the most part, they will try to work with you. They’ll evaluate what you’re trying to bring and help you decide if it’s a good option. Generally speaking, though, car shipping companies like to ship a car that has nothing inside. So you’ll have to come up with a pretty good reason to leave something inside your car during shipping.

If you’re looking for a car shipping company, give AMPM Auto Transport a call. They offer door-to-door shipping with their insurance rates built right into the quote. They will even let you hold up to a hundred extra pounds of personal items inside your car. Just make sure those items are concealed in your trunk and will not easily break. 

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