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Cedar Rapids Car Transport

The Cedar River bisects the city of Cedar Rapids.

Cedar Rapids is the largest city in eastern Iowa and the second-largest in the state as a whole. It is home to about 138,000 people.

Cedar Rapids has lots of fun things to do for both permanent residents and visitors. Its most famous attraction is Brucemore, the only National Trust Historic Site in the state of Iowa. Brucemore refers both to the historic mansion and the surrounding 26 acres of park land. It is also a cultural center, hosting all sorts of events for the city at large.

Cedar Rapids is the historic home of a large number of Czech immigrants, and the Czech Village neighborhood celebrates this heritage. Here visitors can find the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, which overlooks the Cedar River. Though the proportion of people with Czech heritage in the city has declined, Cedar Rapids still has a robust connection to that history.

Cedar Rapids also offers some great outdoor attractions. For example, Indian Creek Nature Center is a large nature preserve just off of the banks of the Cedar River. Bever Park, which is a bit further from the river, is home to an ice skating rink and to Old MacDonald’s Farm, where kids can meet farm animals up close and personal.

Cedar Rapids car transport with AMPM

All of the above attractions are great reasons to come to Cedar Rapids. If you decide you love it enough to move here, then let AMPM Auto Transport handle your car! AMPM is the leading provider of car transport services in and around Cedar Rapids. Our team has over a decade of experience working together to ship vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from small motorcycles to huge pieces of construction equipment.

When you choose AMPM, you choose to work with a crew that is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our team consists of two main parts: our drivers and our phone agents. AMPM vets its drivers extensively, ensuring that they have a long track record of safety and excellence. We only work with the finest car carriers out there. Similarly, AMPM’s phone agents are trained extensively to help you with any situation that may come up. Rest assured that no matter what you need from AMPM, we can provide it!

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