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Charleston Car Shipping

Ship your car to Charleston with AMPM!

Charleston is South Carolina’s largest city and the home of its biggest port. When it was measured at the last U.S. census, Charleston’s population was just over 150,000.

Charleston is rightfully known for its beautiful outdoor spaces. The beautiful gardens at Middleton Place are a prime example of Charleston’s beautiful gardens. At Middleton, you can tour both the 1700s house and the well-manicured gardens, which are among the finest in the South. Like other Charleston institutions, like the McLeod Plantation Historic Site and the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Middleton is a former plantation. If you want to get a taste of the city of Charleston’s rich architectural history, you can head to Downtown, or “The Peninsula,” and stroll through the city’s historic district.

Charleston’s summers are notorious for their heat and humidity. Thunderstorms and temperatures above 100 degrees are fairly common during the summer months. However, its winters are relatively mild.

Shipping a Car to Charleston? Let AMPM Help!

If you have an interest in living in a beautiful city steeped in tradition, then Charleston might be the place for you. This lovely city is one of the South’s crown jewels and has been for centuries. Moving to Charleston can be a chore, though, and it can even be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. AMPM Auto Transport would be happy to be your partner for your move.

AMPM is able to provide top-notch car shipping services at very low prices. Whether you need to ship your car in an enclosed trailer for extra protection or you need someone to haul a full car load, we’re the company you want to talk to. With AMPM on your side, your move will be as stress-free as it can be!

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