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Connecticut is the southernmost state in the New England region. Its name is taken from the Connecticut River that winds through it. It is the 29th most populous state in the union, with a population of around 3,600,000 people. Its capital city is Hartford.

Connecticut’s winters are cold, while its summers are typically hot and humid. The weather nearer the coast is typically a little cooler.

Connecticut has deep connections to its history as one of the original 13 U.S. colonies. Its many historical sites include those of the Revolutionary War, notably that of the Battle of Ridgefield.

New Haven, one of the largest cities in Connecticut, is home to Yale University, which is part of the prestigious Ivy League. The school is one of the most famous and well-regarded universities in the world. Consequently, many hungry learners aim for acceptance from Yale.

Connecticut offers all sorts of reasons for people to come to visit or to move there. Whether it’s the thriving bicycling community, the rich history, or the excellent universities, Connecticut inspires many people to try and make it in this great state.

AMPM Connecticut Car Transport

Connecticut is an attractive state with a number of enticing qualities. That’s why people are moving here every day, whether it be temporarily or to plant permanent roots. If you have a plan to move to Connecticut, then let AMPM Auto Transport be a part of your journey!

AMPM has been a respected leader in the car shipping industry for over 12 years. We began as a small, family-run business and have grown to provide professional car shipping across the entire country. Over the years, we’ve amassed a large team of professionals who share our goals and values. From our safe drivers to our helpful phone staff, we’re confident that we can make any car transport go off without a hitch.

With AMPM, you have the choice between open and enclosed car transport. Both provide safe and secure transport, though enclosed offers a greater layer of protection as it guards against the elements. We can use either of these options to ship commercial vehicles, handle corporate relocation, and even take care of your exotic or luxury automobile.

AMPM Auto Transport understands that everybody’s vehicle shipping needs are unique. That’s why we offer a variety of specialized services on top of our basic transport. From expedited car shipping to snowbird services, it’s our aim to simplify the hassle of packing up your life and moving for you.

AMPM can ship your car anywhere in Connecticut!

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