Constitutional Amendment Setting Term Limits on Members of Congress

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Constitutional Amendment Setting Term Limits on Members of Congress
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A constitutional Amendment calling for term limits on Congress members is reintroduced by Senator Ted Cruz and other Republican senators last Thursday.

Constitutional Amendment Include Two and Three Terms

Senators face limiting to two terms in office and members of the House limiting to three terms in office. This move would require a constitutional amendment.

Senators and House Members Have too Much Free Rein to Serve

Currently, senators service six-year terms. Moreover House members serve two-year terms. In fact, all members of Congress can continue to serve as long as they facing re-electing.

Constitutional Amendment: Congress Term Limits Need to Mirror What the Foundering Fathers Intended

“The rise of political careerism in today’s Congress is a sharp departure from what the Founding Fathers meant for our federal governing bodies,” Cruz in a press release reintroducing the bill.

Republican Senator Rick Scott, Marc Rubio, Mike Braun, Todd Young and Pat Toomey joined Cruz in co-sponsoring the reintroduced bill.

You’re not Kidding: Washington is Totally Dysfunctional!

I want to make reforms in the best interest of American families. Washington is more dysfunctional than ever, Scott said in a statement. To get our nation on a successful path, we can’t rely on career politicians who are never going to make the tough choices needed. Their next election takes on paramount importance rather than the future of this country. They care more about politics as well as the next upcoming election than the critical future of this country. It has to end immediately! The government should be re-thought out. In fact, term limits are exactly the right place to start.

Before the amendment’s ratification, terms start before. It would not be counting in assessing a candidate’s eligibility.

Similar resolutions have been introduced by Cruz in which he calling for a Constitution amendment twice before in 2017 and 2019. Unfortunately, neither resolution sparked serious legislation discussion.

Two-thirds of the House and Senate and then three-fourths of the states have to be approved for a Constitutional amendment pass.

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