How to customize your semi-truck and make it as comfortable as your home?

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The majority of truckers spend most hours on the road far from home comforts. You pass your daytime in your truck from driving to relaxing and sleeping. So, the truck cab becomes your second home. Therefore, you should take a time to customize your semi-truck and to put your personal traces there in order to make the time you spend there more enjoyable. Here are the steps that will make your semi-truck more comfortable.


  • Adjust your seat-Truck seats have many replacement options. Try to choose an option that would be the most convenient for your needs. For example, better back and neck support. Consider also seat covers if your seat is in decent condition.


  • Install a navigation/GPS/ entertainment system- A new entertainment center will give you an access to your favorite music as well as provide you with detailed directions and information about close restaurants, fuel stations and some even have weather updates and traffic alerts.


  • Insert Bluetooth hand-free convenient devices-There are some minor things, for example changing CB channels, radio stations and anything else that takes your hands off the wheel and attention on the roads. It can be really dangerous. Therefore, you should use hands-free Bluetooth system will give you a chance to use voice commands to take care of many functions and meanwhile keep your attention on the road.


  • Have a comfortable mattress-Being well-trusted before driving is really important. That is why you should get a comfortable mattress. A new mattress can help to avoid back aches and pains.


  • Install a cable TV receiverTry to get access to movies and your favorite TV channels so you can enjoy your rest time by watching your favorite TV programs.


  • Adjust the exterior of the truck.There are various exterior upgrades, for instance, adding fog lights, chrome bumpers, and wheels as well as additional exterior lights.


Finally, make sure that your operating authority as a trucker is valid. If you have any operating authority related issues as trucker contact DOT operating authority at 1-888-669-4383. We are an agency that helps our customers to solve all their operating authority related issues, including biennial updates and USDOT and MC numbers.


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