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Special Discounts

At AMPM Auto Transport we do everything we can to offer you the best prices for car shipping. In fact, we have a very competitive pricing policy that regularly beats those of our competitors. Our clients trust that with us they’re getting the best deal available on the market. Even better, for seniors, students, and military personnel we offer outstanding discounts.

For Seniors

discountsWe know seniors have to monitor their income as they’re mostly drawing from their pension. And rightfully so, you’ve worked hard for many years to have that money.  Consequently, you don’t want just throw that money around. It’s wise to be careful with your spending.

Given the need not to spend recklessly, AMPM is here for you if you do require auto transport services. So if you’re planning to relocate, don’t bother with the dangerous task of driving long distances, we’ll ship your car cheaply and safely. Just use our special discounts! And, of course,  don’t forget to inform one of our agents that you’re a senior.

DiscountsFor Military

AMPM is more than happy to help our military clients save on car shipping.

We can definitely assist you during Permanent Change of Station season or with any of your auto transport needs for that matter. AMPM Auto Transport understands the sacrifices you make every day, and we’re thankful. That’s precisely why we offer you excellent discounts. So, when you require Military Auto Shipping services, inquire with us and let us know you’re in the military.

For Students

DiscountsIf you’re a student, money is generally scarce so it’s important to watch your spending. After all, most students do not work full-time or at all. Plus, you’ve got to spend money on tuition and books.

This means that when you’re moving to the location of your college or university, you’ve got to do it as cheaply as possible. So, when it comes to vehicle shipping you want to team up with AMPM Auto Transport.

AMPM will make sure your car gets shipped efficiently and affordably to where ever your school is. You’ll not only be eliminating the hassle of this task, but you’ll be doing it in an affordable way. Just mention you’re a student and we’ll see if you apply for one our excellent discounts!

Contact AMPM Auto Transport today! We’re here to make auto shipping affordable for you!

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