DOT Loosens Restrictions For Drivers

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DOT has worked to ensure that America continues to move forward. Truck drivers have been extended even before the current global pandemic. With many skilled and long-standing drivers reaching the retirement age and leaving the industry, there has been a large gap for many trucking businesses to fill.

These issues have been prominent since before the current conditions. Now, the already taxed drivers are working long hours to deliver to towns stores and pharmacies across the US. DOT has taken notice of this and has worked to ease the sting for many in the industry.

DOT Relieves the 8-Hour Mandatory Work Day

Graham Hinsch – who is currently working to deliver water and food to places in need has expressed the benefits of having these restrictions lifted.

DOT has lifted the regulations that we would get ticketed before for doing. Such as time limits.  70 hrs on duty was the limit before you needed a 34-hour reset and my company is still keeping that.”

This has allowed many drivers to get their shipments delivered on time and quickly get back behind the wheel to do another run.

Other companies and owner-operators have removed that time limit so you have many truckers working non stop and like the good old days when we weren’t told when we have to sleep or drive by an electronic system.

DOT Has Also Pulled Back On Inspections

This time of the year has the potential to throw a wrench in the trucking industry. DOT inspections are random and can target any driver. For many drivers, anything from having a messy cab to not having the right authority stickers or minor damage to the truck can mean a direct stop to the shipment. DOT has since moved the inspections to June in order to keep the already exhausted industry pushing forward. Trucking businesses can’t be dealt another blow when stores and pharmacies are left unstocked.

For Many Drivers, This Means Continued Work

The industry has been dealt blow after blow even before the current issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has added another notch to the respect of truck drivers across the country. They are working long hours, with limited resources to maintain effective health practices.

For Drivers On The Road: Thank You

For countless drivers across America, thank you. Your dedication to serving the public does not go unnoticed and continues to help those in need. Without drivers who are skilled and dedicated, we have nothing. You have been a staple in supporting the country in this tough time and we would like to show our support for you.

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