Dylann Roof Has No Remorse For The Church Slaying…Will The Jury Show Him Any Remorse?

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Going back in time to 2015, we learned of a tragic event that occurred at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Dylann Roof, a convicted killer and white supremacist, who is responsible for the horrid event, was sentenced today for murdering nine people at the church.
After just 3 hours of careful consideration, the jury came to a final decision. The judge will formally announce the decision today morning. During the trial this morning, the families are going to address Roof directly. He has also asked to speak.
The relatives of Dylann Roof have expressed their grief in a written statement. Unlike his relatives, Roof did not ask for forgiveness in his final statement to the jury. In fact, he did not even ask for a life sentence. Roof said that he is aware it is within his right to ask for a life sentence but he doesn’t think it will change anything.
He also felt no remorse for his actions. He said “I felt I had to do it & I still feel like I had to do it.” He believes that anyone who hates him “misled”.
The prosecutor stated that Roof with his beliefs and statements, proved that he deserves the death penalty.
Roof executed his victims one by one, one after another. Loved ones shed tears as the prosecution showed the victims bloody on the ground. Also reviewed at court were the racist writings that belonged to Roof. These writings explained why he wanted to take action. It was because he believed that “Blacks were raping women and taking over the world.”
He thought out and properly prepared for his mission by purchasing guns and target practicing in his backyard. Also, he studied racist websites and drove up to the church several times prior to the attack.
He has not one ounce of remorse. He believed that all his victims were less than human.
Prosecution thinks Dylann Roof should be given the death penalty for killing nine innocent people .Jury convicted roof for 33 counts for his brutal church slaying in December. He is expected to receive the death penalty as recommended by the jury. He will be the first crime defendant to receive the death penalty.

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  1. CInda

    It is so tragic to read about a young man with so much hate. This calls into question the concept of nature vs. nurture. Was he simply a result of his environment or biology? If so, would there be opportunities to reteach him instead of sentencing him to death?

  2. Jane

    First off, I agree that this kid should get the death penalty and I am generally not big into the death penalty but there is no way that this kid can ever be brought back into civilized society. I mean, obviously he is always going to be a threat to anyone around him who isn’t white.
    You gotta wonder though how he learned to be so hateful? Was it his parents who taught him or did he learn all that from the internet?

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