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December 6, 2019
E-Scooter Caused 200 Injuries In Austin, TX

E-Scooter Caused 200 Injuries In Austin, TX

The e-scooter has been a new introduction for many cities across the US. When anything new hits the public, comes the time to monitor data in regards to safety.

E-Scooter Users Increase

A publicly accessible system such as the E-scooter can increase the chances of injury rates. This is a fact. When Austin, Texas decided to introduce the city to this new method, they quickly found that people obviously had no idea how to use scooters.

E- Scooter Injury Stats

We’re all adults. All of us, at one point, have taken a safety lesson on riding a bike. Half of the 200 reported injuries in Austin were head-related injuries. Approximately 70% of the registered injured parties experienced an injury to the hand, wrist, upper-arm, and shoulder. Less than 1% of all riders reported using a helmet.

Safety Tips

We feel that everyone has at least watched an instructional VHS tape that teaches you how to ride a bike, or skateboard, or literally anything fun. But in case you haven’t, this might be more useful to you than you think.

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear elbow and kneepads
  • Have awareness of your surroundings
  • Be cautious and alert
  • Respect other commuters

What Should Be Expected for the E-Scooter

Reports of scooter riders have emerged stating they disobey traffic laws. Some report scooter operators driving down the wrong side of one-way streets or blatantly in the road. This is typical seeing as there have been no real regulations or restrictions.

There is always a trial period. The first three months have seen what having scooters on the road will do. As time progresses, there will be an increase in user awareness and more effective guidelines for safe use. A possible age restriction for E-scooter users is likely the next step for many Austin officials.

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