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Eau Claire Car Shipping

eau claire car shipping
Great Falls County Park is just outside of Eau Claire.

Eau Claire is the largest city in Wisconsin west of the capital, Madison. It had around 69,000 residents as of the 2020 U.S. Census.

Eau Claire, which is French for “clear water,” sits at the meeting of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. As a result, a lot of the city’s biggest attractions center around water. Water features like Halfmoon Lake and Dells Pond provide great places for people to take their paddleboards or rafts out for a spin. And the nearby Big Falls County Park provides the perfect mix of hiking, beautiful falls, and relaxing beaches. If you like to stay dry, Eau Claire may not be the place for you.

That’s not to say that Eau Claire is all about the water all the time, however. The city has lovely parks, especially the small peninsula that is Carson Park. It has multiple excellent museums, most notably the Wisconsin Logging Museum and its Paul Bunyan Logging Camp. And the city has a thriving beer and wine scene, with many great local breweries to enjoy a good brew at. Eau Claire is more than just its most defining features; it’s a fully-fledged blue-blooded American city!

AMPM is Eau Claire’s top car shipper.

When it comes to auto transport in Eau Claire and beyond, no company has a better track record than AMPM. Since 2010, AMPM has been the premier vehicle transport company across the entire U.S. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our service is the best in business, so if you want the best, come to us!

With AMPM, you get the benefit of a completely dedicated car shipping team on your side. Our phone agents have the knowledge to help you solve any problems that come up during your shipment. We’ll work hard to rectify any situation that goes wrong with your shipment and leave you totally satisfied with our work. At AMPM, we have one goal above all others: to give you the best service we can, every time!

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