Ellevest National Cash Back Rewards Program for Women’s Businesses

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Ellevest National Cash Back Rewards Program for Women's Businesses
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Ellevest says it has announced the first-ever national cashback rewards plan. It supports women-led businesses and invites them to join the program as it launches. Consumers will be able to shop intentionally to support women-led businesses both nationally and locally. This will take place with the Ellevest Women-Led Collection. Therefore, you will get money back for doing so when using their Ellevest Mastercard debit card.

Ellevest Encourages Any Woman or Non-Binary Person to Join

Developed in partnership with Dosh, the automatic cash back platform, any business led by a woman or non-binary person can apply to join. During March Dosh, they are offering qualifying businesses that register for the program a 30-day free advertising campaign in the Collection. This is to help launch the initiative. Moreover, a free membership and guidance from Ellverest’s money and career coaches you can receive from the company.

More Money in the Hands of Women

“Getting more money in the hands of women is our mission here,” said Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck. “Literally, the company’s Women-Led collection will do this. Identifying businesses led by women is the goal here. Then, drive more money to them. Moreover, we want to provide savings and special offers for the consumers who stop them. For women looking to recover financially, it can be a real win-win for them.

She-cession is a Thing!

Women in the She-cession got hit hard and are in industries like retail and personal services. They are hurt. In fact, many are behind by the Paycheck Protection Program. To go out of their way to shop women-led businesses, 90% of women consumers said they would.

Ellevest Background

A financial company built by women is Ellevest. They are for women and provide solutions for all aspects of women’s financial lives to help them invest more, save more and earn more. They include offerings such as digital investing tools, banking services, discounting access to professional coaching, and learning resources. Moreover, private wealth management for high net worth clients who want a customizing financial strategy that does include investing for impact. The company has created and built a community of 3+ million Elle Raisers working toward financial equality.

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