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Enclosed Car Transport by AMPM
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Enclosed Car Transport

When transporting higher-end models, you’ll want to use higher-end transportation. And who has more secure enclosed car transport than our team here at AMPM? Whether your vehicle is an exotic, vintage or luxury vehicle, you can always trust that we’ll treat it with extreme care and attention. Efficiency is a given; protection is an art that we’ve mastered with thousands of pricey vehicles before.

With enclosed trailers, we’re capable of making your car indestructible, thanks to our covered trailers. Inside, your prized possession is safe from the elements. Combine this classy means of transport with larger tires and lower ground clearance. This is a considerable means whenever you’re transporting vehicles as an auto collector or an exotic car dealer.

What type of Enclosed Car Transports Do We Offer?

Three different types of enclosed car transport deviate from the original notion that enclosed car transport is just four walls and a ramp. It’s so much more than that. It’s the safety involved in securing your car from certain doom. It’s the precautions made accordingly to what your vehicle truly deserves, whether it’s a vintage model or an exotic model. Enclosed Car Transport may very well be one of our more expensive actions but not at a total loss. There’s variety we offer and the variety is as follows.

Hard-Side Enclosed

When you have to bring the cars onto hydraulic liftgates, you need hard-side enclosed car shipping. In which case, there may be more pricey options. You have to consider being safe when transporting the vehicles. So it’s advised that you use our services of hard-side enclosed.

Soft-Side Enclosed

Soft-Side Enclosed auto shipping is the greatest service we offer for high-end vehicles. We have enclosed car transport that uses soft-sides. Tarps serve to help truck drivers check that each wheel is properly clung to the base of the carrier. This will be for your benefit as we secure and maintain your car from imminent danger. An amazing option if you’re delivering a collection of high-end vehicles to your preferred destination, you won’t want to miss out on soft-side enclosed shipping.

Hot-Shot Enclosed

A reliably quick service that will do low clearance cars well. Enclosed Hot Shot Car Transport allows for cars to be protected in a simple trailer, with no automation necessary. In this case, better put, it really is just a ramp leading to a 2-3 car box. Though simple, our drivers are highly trained in dealing with this.

Details To Remember

Our goal is to always keep your cars protected in these trailers. Sometimes it’s six at a time, other times, it’s with our A+ Insurance in-tact. Either way, we’re mindful enough to consider that they are best suited for snowbird shipping, exotic auto shipping, auction win shipping and plenty of other reasons. Enclosed auto shipping is the type of respect we hope to give all your vehicles when you transport with our company. It’s a joy to serve you.

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