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Evansville Car Shipping

Evansville is a city in southwestern Indiana. It’s the largest city in Indiana south of Indianapolis, with an estimated 117,000 residents as of 2020.

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The city of Evansville sits on the Indiana shore of the Ohio River, and its riverfront is where many of its attractions lie. Visitors often take a day to explore the USS LST-325, a docked World War II-era naval ship. It’s one of a few historical attractions in downtown Evansville, with others including the general Evansville Museum and the interactive Children’s Museum of Evansville.

Elsewhere, Evansville provides a lot of lovely space to spend a day under the sun. North of downtown, Garvin Park and Bosse Field were both established in 1915. The former is a public park encircling a lake, while the latter is one of the oldest baseball fields still in use, older than all but two MLB stadiums. East of town, Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve has miles upon miles of walking trails and an amphitheater for events. And to the west, the Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden is one of the state’s oldest and largest such parks.

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