FedEx Bringing The Hurt To E-Commerce With Some Wiley IT

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FedEx is enterring the ring with some crazy moves that’ll have Amazon and UPS pretty much torn. This has to do with upping certain departments in order to bring the freight-leader ahead in the race. E-Commerce is a very valuable asset at this point. That said, FedEx is pretty capable of beating out it’s rivals.

With the high demand these days, customers from freight deliveries will have more access to when and where they’ll specifically receive such packages. It’ll get to the point where just dropping it off in the middle of a parking lot will be that simple.

FedEx stayed busy during the rampage the coronavirus left on 2020.

Through their efforts, they landed at number 24 on the Top 25 for FreightTech.

Along with Microsoft, FedEx did their part to create an alliance. It’s called FedEx Surround. And it’s made to last for years between the two companies. The program can give great detail of packages being transported by joining FedEx’s visibility tech with the myriad of potential that Microsoft offers.

Their logistics were cunning enough to introduce a Bluetooth-enabled SenseAware ID that can send location data every two seconds. WiFi Access points receive this information through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE.) FedEx Express is then the recipient of this throughout the entire network.

Packages with the devices can go through hundreds upon hundreds of trackings through the journey. At least that’s what FedEx says. The technology rolled just ahead of COVID-19 vaccines. It’s going to be important to ensure shipments deliver to their destinations at the proper temperatures.

With hopes on supporting this technology used by truck drivers and comptrollers alike, they made a new service called FedEx Dataworks. This will additionally serve as the marketing focus of such positive e-commerce efforts. That’s the beauty of American competition, I like to think!

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