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Flagstaff is a city in Arizona. Also, it is the county seat of Coconino County. As of a 2015 estimate, the city’s population was 70,320 residents. Notably, Flagstaff is home to Northern Arizona University. That’s why the city has a college town feel. And, the city’s near the Grand Canyon. So tourism is a big part of local economy.

Additionally, visitors can check out the Arizona Snowbowl for a day of snow sports. Or, they can head to the Lowell Observatory.

The weather in Flagstaff is very varied. Summers alternate between an early dry season and a later wet one. Therefore, summer is the rainiest season. Also, snow is common in the winter.

AMPM Flagstaff Car Transport

So, are you headed to Flagstaff? Maybe you’re moving there to study, or teach at the University? Or, maybe you’re ready to retire and live somewhere nice and dry? Regardless of the reason of your move, don’t forget about your auto shipping needs! You’ll want to work with a dependable and reliable auto transport company, so choose AMPM Auto Transport!

AMPM ships nationwide, so you can trust us to take your vehicle wherever it is you need to go. Since we’ve been in the market since 2008, at AMPM we know all ins and outs of the process of moving cars and vehicles.

On our website you can get an instant Flagstaff auto shipping quote for free. Furthermore, AMPM will never raise a price on you with hidden fees. We want you to have the most convenient and efficient services possible!

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