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Florida is a state in the southeast region of the United States. Its peninsula has an extensive coastline in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is the third most populated in the country. Its capital is Tallahassee, while Jacksonville is the most populated city.

Florida’s nickname is the “Sunshine State” for good reason. It gets a ton of sun pretty much all year round. October is considered the rainy season, and the state will get thunderstorms semi-frequently. As you can imagine, the winters are mild with virtually no snow.

Due to its almost always hospitable weather, Florida is known as a great place to vacation. It has miles and miles of white sandy beaches coupled with the Atlantic’s crystal clear ocean water. By itself, this is enough of an excuse to visit Florida. And indeed, Florida is a popular destination for spring breakers and snowbirds.

However, Florida has plenty of other treasures worth seeing. Among them is the famous Walt Disney World in Orlando and other nearby theme parks. That state hosts a variety of sports teams, from basketball’s Miami Heat to football’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Let’s put it this way: even if you never visit the gorgeous beaches, you’ll still find plenty of things to do in Florida.

AMPM Florida Car Transport

When you start mapping out your visit or permanent move to the Sunshine State, make sure to include AMPM Auto Transport in your plans. People are constantly moving to Florida for a lifestyle change, and AMPM professionally handles all of their car shipping needs.

AMPM is a well-regarded car shipping company that will transport vehicles to and from anywhere in the United States. No matter how remote the location, we’re happy to pick up your car and ship it to where you need it to be. We provide door-to-door transport so you don’t have to bother with driving your car to its new home. We offer both open and enclosed transport, allowing you to choose which service works best for your situation. And, if your move is urgent, we can supply expedited car shipping to get your car to its destination in a flash.

AMPM Florida is determined to make sure your move is free of hassle and the frustrations unique to moving. With this in mind, we offer shipping services that speak to a variety of needs. For instance, we can help with exotic cars, trailer shipments, and, if your move is seasonal, we’ve got the best snowbird services on the market!

We serve all of Florida, including the following cities:

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