Former President Trump Attacks Prosecutors With Nastiness

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Former President Donald Trump had been critical of the Department of Justice. All because of retain investigations. Certain investigations that have been in regards to his egregious activity. I’m fact, it got so bad to where his supporters were convinced they had to fight. All because of discussion with his lawyers about his past crimes.

The connection the meeting has had has been in special counsel with the Jack Smith probe that led to Trump’s handling of classified documents in his own home. There I’m turn was an obstruction of the probe. Now there are worries that there have been secret messages communicated to Trump.

Rump believes it’s all about election interference. But as they are reporting to the “Party of Disinformation,” there is a hope that Hunter Biden is likely the subject of a federal investigation, totally unrelated to the investigation.

Posts that had been made up until the critical indictment had that had been made in regards to January 6th, 2021, where the protestors had been saying to take “our nation” back.

Such a meeting was off from the start.

The deputy attorney from the start was not even present. This was not long after Trump’s lawyers had been exiting Justice Department building the past Monday.

Trump stated how Biden has been claiming beyond a thousand boxes of documents on him.

An amount of documents had been found at Biden’s former office had been turned over to the authorities. Prosecutors are supposedly closing in on an audio recording that the former president had been acknowledging how he was keeping an eye on Pentagon documents and referenced as they were classified.

Underlining the defense that everything had been “declassified” from after leaving office while putting awareness that the restrictions had been surrounding classified documents. Trump may go to jail after all.

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