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Frederick Car Transport

The bridge over Carroll Creek

Frederick is Maryland’s second-largest city, trailing only the massive Baltimore. It is the county seat of Frederick County and has a population of 78,000.

The city is known for the Frederick Historic District, whose “clustered spires” of churches create a unique skyline. Buildings in the historic district date all the way back to the late 18th century. This district includes Carroll Creek Park, which provides a lovely waterfront walk for any visitor or local. It also contains a variety of museums, notably the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

Frederick has a deep connection to both American history and nature. Fort Detrick, an important medical research station, is within the city limits. Nearby, Monocacy National Battlefield is the historic site of a Civil War battle. It is now a popular tourist destination with exhibits and guided tours. The city’s largest park, Baker Park, stretches from downtown to the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum. Finally, a few miles outside of town, Gathland State Park is a great place to tour the former estate of a famous war correspondent.

AMPM provides car transport to, from, and around Frederick.

Frederick is a picturesque city with a lot to offer all residents, old and new. If you want to move to Frederick, then you’re in for a great time in your new home city. To kickstart that excellent time, make sure to choose AMPM to ship your car.

Whether you need to move to Frederick for work or just want a lovely city to raise kids in, AMPM can assist you with your move. We have often helped military members move their vehicles from fort to fort, so if you need military equipment shipped to Fort Detrick, we can handle it. However, we can help all members of the Frederick community. Our professional drivers will ensure that your experience working with us is completely satisfying.

How does AMPM ensure the safety of the vehicles we ship? We enforce all DOT compliance regulations on our drivers! With our knowledgeable phone agents, we stay on top of all of our paperwork to be certain that we haven’t lapsed at all. Don’t trust a second-rate company with something as important as your car. For the total peace of mind that only the best can provide, let AMPM handle your car!

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