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Grand Forks Car Transport

Grand Forks is a city in eastern North Dakota. It’s the state’s third-largest city, with a population of around 59,000.

Grand Forks notably hosts the University of North Dakota.

Grand Forks’ biggest draw for most is the University of North Dakota. The University actually predates the state of North Dakota! It’s also the largest university in the state, and it hosts some of Grand Forks’ most popular attractions. Want to see a rowdy college hockey game or concert? The Ralph Engelstad Arena is the city’s premier venue for both. Need to experience some high culture? The North Dakota Museum of Art is a lovely museum with a focus on local and regional art. UND is the city’s main cultural engine, providing a lot to the locals.

Grand Forks has a typical climate for the region: its hot summers give way to brutally cold and snowy winters. Spring and fall are short seasons here, with much of what would be their usual time devoted to winter instead.

Transport Your Car to Grand Forks with AMPM

If you need to move to Grand Forks, then you’ll need a reputable car shipper to get your car there. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled upon the best in the business! AMPM Auto Transport helps people of all ages and budgets move all over the country. Whether you’re a new student moving into the dorms or a military member stationed at Grand Forks AFB, AMPM would love to help you move to Grand Forks.

At AMPM, our goal is to help the whole state of North Dakota with whatever it needs. Of course, we strive to help North Dakotans with all of their car shipping needs. However, our work goes far beyond that. For example, we can help new North Dakota businesses complete their corporation filings! Our ultimate goal is to help people any way we can, so we hope you’ll let us assist you.

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