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Grand Junction is the county seat of Mesa County in the state of Colorado. About 65,000 people live in the city as of the 2020 U.S. census.

Grand Junction is sometimes known as “The River City” because it sits at the junction of two major rivers, the Colorado River and the Gunnison River. This is also where the city gets its official name; the section of the Colorado that runs through Grand Junction used to be called the Grand River.

Grand Junction is a great place to mountain bike. Check out the Kokopelli’s Trail, which runs all the way into Utah, for a varied, exciting biking trail. Others may want to visit the Colorado National Monument for a sweeping vista of some of the west’s best rock formations. Finally, check out the Museum of Western Colorado to get an idea of how early Coloradans used to live.

Grand Junction summer days are warm and dry. It can get cold in winter at times, but it mostly stays pleasant throughout the cooler months.

AMPM Grand Junction Car Transport

If you’re planning to move to Grand Junction, AMPM Auto Transport is here for you! We are known as one of the most reliable car shipping companies in the U.S. AMPM ships cars all over the country every day, so you know that we know how to handle car transport. When it comes to your car, you know that you should trust the pros.

We provide a full spectrum of car transport services. Whether you need to ship a car, a truck, or a boat, we can easily do it for you. AMPM works with dependable drivers who know the ins and outs of vehicle transport. They treat each vehicle with care. And we have dispatch agents who know how to find the best route for your vehicle. Routing matters, even if you’re transporting a car to nearby Denver, so don’t entrust your car to just anybody; entrust it to AMPM Auto Transport!

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