How to Keep Your Personal Data Safe as a Trucker: 6 Tips to Be Secure

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When asking a trucker what the most important thing on the road is, he/she will surely answer “safety”. Indeed, you as a trucker, care about your life, as if something can happen on the road. But what about the safety of your personal information?


Legal complications can threaten trucker’s livelihood. And that’s might be one of the most unpleasant things. You can appear at a risk of having personal data compromised than most people, and constant traveling and other factors can be reasons for that.


Safety of Trucker’s Identity

There are so many ways of stealing people’s personal information. And truckers may be in the center of that kind of actions throughout the world. Here are some major vulnerable key areas for you, here they are:


    1. Driver’s License — First and foremost threatening thing that can start the personal data theft is your driver’s license. You happen to show it to shippers and receivers, who, in some situations can copy it. It is suggested to keep track of where you ever showed your personal license information. In cases, if someone will copy your data, you can easily find him or his company. Also, you should be trying to watch how your license is handled as it can even be easily scanned with a smartphone app.


    1. Mails — If you stay at work at nights and don’t return home, there could surely be unseen mail. In this case, you should recruit someone who can take care of your mail, pick it up or rent it to a post office. Also, shred every sensitive data that can be threatening for you and don’t leave it in the garbage.


    1. ATMs — Avoid using ATMs in low-traffic locations. At the location, hide your numbers carefully. Even if the thieves are not behind you watching you type, they can use hidden cameras to collect the needed information for them.


    1. Wi-Fi — When you are using Wi-Fi services in other and not safe locations, you can become a victim of a network hacker. Avoid using Wi-Fi at trucks stops and elsewhere on the road to check your bank account balance or other sensitive staff.


    1. Cargo Theft — You may ask why is this a way of stealing someone’s personal info, well, it can be the easiest one. Don’t keep the needed information in the truck, including driver’s license or other personal documents.


    1. Phone Scamming — Don’t share any information with anyone who calls you and said they are from a company that wants to hire you (for example). Be aware of phone scammers, they are getting famous these days and you don’t want to be one of their victims.



Be safe and keep others safe by sharing the above information with them. Have a safe and blessed day, trucker!



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