How To Save Over 50% In Fuel? Look At This Truck!

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Model 587 of the Class 8 Peterbilt was tested last fall for over 11 runs which is over 11 thousand miles. The testing was happening on the Route 287 in Texas. The tests showed that the model powered by a Cummins ISX15 engine met SAE International standards. The truck’s gross weight is 65 thousand pounds and it scored 9,9 mpg during the testing between Forth Worth and Vernon. For comparison, the average number for a long-haul truck is 5,5-6,5 mpg. It means that the new Peterbilt can help increase fuel economy for over 50%.

The tractor-trailer was developed by Cummins and Peterbilt. Being tested in real driving conditions, it is a part of the Super Truck Program established by the Department of Energy.

The engine of this model shows high efficiency, the highest standards of quality and reliability. The tractor-trailer is built in a way its’ aerodynamics reduce drag. The fuel use is optimized due to the electronic system that uses the route data. Tires of the new big rig got lower rolling resistance.

The new truck is also furnished with an integrated cab that provides plenty of space and a comfortable sleeper. There’s plenty of room for storage as well.

The big rig is also friendly to the environment. For trucks traveling over 120 thousand miles per year, the greenhouse gases will be reduced by 35% per truck.

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  1. Jeff

    Sounds like my dream truck right here. Unfortunately I’m sure it’s way out of my price range.

  2. Linda

    This looks like an impressive truck! I hope they will make it affordable enough to be available to the average driver.

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