How To Stay Healthy Over The Road?

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It’s pretty obvious that trucking is one of the unhealthiest jobs thanks to the lifestyle truck drivers tend to lead. It’s no surprise considering the nature of the work. It’s a monotonous routine in many ways. The sleeping schedule is often messed up and the eating habits can be pretty bad. And how easy it is to feel hungry just because you’re bored. Everybody knows that feeling.

A truck stop is the most convenient location for a trucker. Here you can eat, shower, get some rest and have your truck taken care of. But one more stop on your way could help you get healthier food which is the first point in our list.

  • Eat healthy

Nowadays it’s easy to get prepared healthy food in grocery stores. Most of them have enough parking for trucks, although you might have to take a walk (it’s good for your health, too!) You can get pre-washed and cut fruit and vegetables. You can also get whole fruit like apples and bananas. And don’t forget about lettuce! And it would be even better if you bought a portable grill to indulge yourself with some meat.

Eating healthy is essential for feeling good and watching your body weight.

  • Sleep well

It’s been said millions of times how good sleep is important for your health. So get yourself a good mattress and pillow. Also it’s a good idea to buy a heater and a fan. You should do it in case there’ something with your truck and you want to sleep while it’s being repaired. They will keep your space cooler and warmer when you need it.

And sleep as much as you can during those 10 hours of rest you have. A good rest is essential for safe driving and your health.

  • Stay fit

Yes, it’s challenging to exercise when you’re truck driver. But you do have options! You can get a folding bike and ride at the truck stops. Or you can get a pair of good running shoes and run a bit everyday instead of bicycling. And when you drive, you can use some weights!

When you drive everyday for long hours it’s important that you find a way to exercise and keep a good physique!

  • Don’t let the monotony get to you

Hours of driving and only seeing the road and signs around can be really boring. You might find yourself over thinking and being distracted. Some thoughts can even get you angry. Not to become an aggressive driver, keep your mind occupied with something else. You can listen to audio books. Obviously, it’s a great alternative to reading. And it’s also a way to find new favorite authors. Or you can learn a new language using language tapes. And of course, music is always there for you. Find some new bands or singers, or enjoy your favorite songs. Just don’t let the boredom get the best of you.

  • Keep in touch with your loved ones

As a truck driver, you spend a lot of time away from home. Don’t let your family feel neglected. Call as often as you can. Take pictures of the places you see. And then, when you’re home, tell your family about what you have seen and what has happened to you. Show them the pictures you have taken. Let them feel like they’re still a part of your life even when you’re far away. They can also read the same book you’re listening to while driving. It will give you an extra topic to discuss. It might even be a chance for you and your family learn something new about each other.

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  1. Andrea Richardson

    One of the other important things to keep in mind is stretching! Driving for 8+ hours a day is really similar to working a desk job, but with fewer opportunities to stand up and move around. Even 10-15 minutes a day of stretching can help reduce back pain and keep your hips from seizing up.

  2. Frank B.

    Great tips! It’s easy to get sucked into a negative cycle between not getting enough sleep, eating greasy food, and not being active enough. It’s just as easy to eat a whole bag of potato chips as a bag of sugar peas, but the peas won’t kill you as quickly. I like the idea of learning a new language. I drive enough that I feel like I could pick up Spanish, French, and German by the end of the year! Audio books are also a good choice. It’s important to keep your body AND mind in shape.

  3. Andy Jones

    Thanks for sharing this article, lots of good advice in there. The tips for staying in touch with your family while on the road really hit home. It’s hard to be away so much, but the idea of sharing my stories and adventures with my loved ones makes it seem more exciting. They always seem to appreciate the extra effort when I take pictures, or send them postcards from the road.

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