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Illinois Car Transport

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Illinois happens to be the fifth most populated state in the entire country. And although Springfield is the capital, Chicago, the Windy City, is far and away the state’s largest city. Also, though it’s not often though of in this light, Chicago is the most populated state in what is described as ‘tornado alley.’

Illinois is considered a huge transportation hub. Proof of this is the fact the state is home to two international airports, Midway Airport and O’Hare International, and a big rail network. Also, the interstate highway system is highly developed compared to other states.

Besides being a transportation hub, Illinois is a tourist hotbed. Chicago boasts numerous museums, like the Art Institute of Chicago. In fact, this and several others are considered some of the finest museums in the world. As far as tourist sites are concerned they also have the John Hancock Center.

Illinois is also a beautiful state with a number of rivers running through it. Not to mention it is attached in some parts to Lake Michigan.

In terms of weather, Illinois can be a quite frigid during the winters while the summers will get hot and humid.

AMPM Illinois Car Transport

If you’re plotting a life move to Illinois, AMPM is here to simplify the transition. In the auto transport business for over 12 years, AMPM is dedicated to making the messy act of relocating as easy as possible. How do we do that?

At AMPM Auto Transport we eliminate the need to physically drive your vehicles to your new home. Instead we offer our door-to-door auto transport services so you can focus on the bigger picture concerns of your life change. Our company provides both open and enclosed auto transport so that you can select the level of protection that best suits your automobile.

Both open and enclosed transport offer premium protection, but we also provide other services. These include corporate relocation if you’re moving an actual company to a new state. And if you’ve just purchased a vehicle at an automobile auction we have a service that addresses that particular shipping need. We provide the best Chicago Car Transport services!

At AMPM we employ highly skilled drivers and excellent communicators to serve as agents so that the auto transport process is a headache-free zone. Moving is tough enough, let the experts at AMPM make sure the car shipping component is a breeze.

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