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According to all kinds of statistics and data, Iowa is technically one of the safest states to reside in. Located in what’s called the “American Heartland” Iowa’s borders, from the east the west are composed of rivers. The capital of the state is Des Moines.

Iowa has a reputation of not only being safe and idyllic, but it is renown for it’s county and state fairs. In fact, the Iowa State Fair, which occurs during the summer in Des Moines, is one of the more iconic state fairs in all the country.

As far as cuisine is concerned, if you’re a  burger or sandwich lover, this is the place for you. Iowa is famous for its burgers and massive sandwiches and offers an array of historic breweries. Bottom line, Iowa is a gorgeous, safe, state with lots of destinations for foodies.

AMPM Iowa Car Transport

Being one of the safest states to settle in in the United States is reason enough alone to pack your bags and move to Iowa. So, if you intend to make this leap, absolutely consider enlisting AMPM Auto Transport to handle the shipping of your vehicles. After all, if you’re going to move, it’s best to ship your cars than actually drive them there.

AMPM Auto Transport offers door-to-door service so your car is delivered directly to you at your new home. Plus, our shipping allows for both open car transport and enclosed. Open is perfectly safe, however, enclosed guarantees the car won’t be exposed to weather and road debris. No matter, our expert drivers take every precaution when shipping a car. This is why we boast one of the best reputations in the industry.

AMPM can handle corporate relocations, will gladly provide auction auto transport, and we even do dealer auto transport. The truth is, AMPM makes sure whatever need you have in terms of auto shipping, that we can address it. Even better, our prices are some of the lowest going, and we offer a spotless track record of safe deliveries.

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