Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu No Longer the Israeli PM

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Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu no longer the Israeli PM
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The lawmakers of Israel came in at a major showdown on Sunday as the political uprise has ended PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s reign. Through a narrow vote, 60 to 59 and an abstention, there was the Knesset that decided to axe Netanyahu who has been in office for an impossibly long time. (12 years.)

The ex-Israel PM, Netanyahu, went on trial for his corruption. Under which case, he was the PM for three years in the 90s. This, by de facto, has made Netanyahu the longest-serving leader of Israel. It would go even further than how long David Ben Gurion had gone through.

The former TV host and current Foreign Affairs Minister, Yair Lapid, is serving in Netanyahu’s absence. After some of his apologies, he then directed his words to Netanyahu “She and every other Israeli citizen is ashamed of you and reminded why it’s time for you to be replaced.”

The government of Israel has to now start from scratch.

This fresh government is likely to set goals for itself, while also struggling to figure out their national discourse. Through fundamental disagreements, there was a Palestinian state along with the Israel state. The coalition is proper trying to handle the domestic issues. There are loads of criminal court proceedings that are looking to completely get him in a criminal court.

Netanyahu was brought was not able to really defend himself. If he was still in office, Netanyahu made it known that the PM would have tried to engineer immunity from the fraud. Netanyahu had somehow kept up a strong following from his fans in Israel. Hate speech became so rampant in this instance of upheaval that the Shin Bet had carefully been trying to dissuade from what the mainstream had been fearing. This, of course, comes hot on the heels of the January 6th insurrection.

No matter where you are on the issue, it’s very intense. Could good things come from this transfer of power?

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