Kia Sportage Downshifts to Cheaper Trims and Inexpensive Packages

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Kia Sportage New Trims and Packages
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Kia Sportage 2023 is going to see a price increase for the LX trim, the EX and SX trims which are getting some price decreases. It is not common to hear of price drops in today’s inflated market. In fact, the new Sportage has plenty to offer with four new editions added to the lineup: the SX Prestige, the X-Line, the X-Pro, and the X-Pro Prestige. They will replace the 2022 Sportage Nightfall Edition.

Kia Sportage – Features That Aid the Chassis and Better Insulation

Also, the price does decrease for the 2022 EX and SX trims. It does seem that the Kia did not want to degrade the fifth-generation Sportage. The 2023 Sportage does ride on Kia’s new N3 platform first. That also underpins the Sorento.

There is an increase in the size of the Sportage. It does also add more strength and torsional stiffness to its chassis. Moreover, there is also new sound-absorbing and insulation to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness from the road, wind, and engine.

Kia Sportage – Standard Equipment

The standard equipment on the new 2023 Sportage. It does include dual panoramic curved displays that Kia says “seamlessly connect two screens for almost 25 inches of digital viewing” and provides a large screen for the 360 Degree Surround View Monitor with 3D View and live feed Blind-Spot View Monitor within the instrument cluster. Also, Sportage which does also offers eight standard Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features. For upscale levels like the EX, SX, and X-Line, as well as the X-Pro and both Prestige trims, an enhanced ADAS which includes Forward Collision-Avoidance (FCA) Assist with Junction Turning capability. The Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist is available. Kia says that turbocharged hybrid and PHEV Sportage variants are going to launch at a later date with pricing coming “closer to their on-sale dates.”

Even at the base level, the 2023 Sportage LX’s $1,900 increases for the FWD ($27,205) and $2,200 increases for the AWD ($29,005) version aren’t really that bad over its 2022 price. It featured $25,305 and $26,805 respectively. Also, even with the $1,800 premium of going AWD for the 2033 Sportage. It is not a huge increase over the $1,500 cost in 2022. This is especially true when compared to many other CUVs in its range plus also saw much larger increases. Moreover, it is enough to justify the new chassis for the fifth generation Sportage.

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