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Lansing Car Shipping

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Lansing is Michigan’s capital and sixth-largest city. It sits near the geographic center of the state, splitting the distance between Detroit and Grand Rapids.

Lansing is the center of Michigan’s legislature, exemplified by the Michigan State Capitol. This 1879 building has served as the seat of the state government since its completion. Visitors can also enjoy exhibits on the history of this gorgeous state by heading to the Michigan History Center. This museum chronicles the state’s history all the way back to pre-history, with exhibits on the state’s geology and native people.

Lansing has its own history and fun activities, too. It was once the home of the Olds Motor Company, and the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum is a great place to learn about the illustrious motor company’s history. Lansing’s acclaimed Potter Park Zoo is a small but enjoyable destination for families. And if you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the Grand River, you can take a ride on The Michigan Princess, which often hosts events and live music.

The finest car shipping company in Lansing.

Whether you’re moving to Lansing or looking to move somewhere else from Lansing, giving your car over to AMPM Auto Transport is the best way to ensure your car arrives in great condition. Rather than taking days to drive your car yourself, why not let the professionals take care of it? AMPM’s team is comprised of auto transport experts, so you know your car will be in good hands.

At AMPM, we work hard to give you great service at an affordable rate. We know that moving is stressful and expensive, so we aim to give you the kind of service that lets you relax without breaking the bank. And thanks to our work with our affiliates at DOT Operating Authority, we are able to ensure that our drivers are completely compliant with all DOT regulations. You can’t find this kind of professionalism with just any car shipping company.

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