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Lewiston-Auburn Car Shipping

Lewiston and Auburn are twin cities in southwestern Maine. Lewiston is the second-largest city in Maine, with a population of about 37,000. Auburn is the county seat of Androscoggin County and has a population of about 24,000. The two cities are on each side of the Androscoggin River, with Lewiston on the eastern shore and Auburn on the western.

The city of Lewiston viewed from the Auburn Riverwalk.

Lewiston is the larger city of the two, and is therefore home to some combined attractions. The most notable is the Museum L-A, which chronicles the history of the two cities. This museum, located in the Bates Mill Historic District, focuses heavily on the history of the Industrial Revolution in these twin cities. The city also hosts a gorgeous church, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. This building is the only basilica in Maine and offers Mass in French, a rarity in the U.S. And in north Lewiston, the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary is a lovely outdoor walk to enjoy on lovely days.

Auburn is the smaller city of the two, but it has plenty of fun things to do, too. The Auburn Riverwalk along the Androscoggin is a peaceful and scenic walk along the river that dominates the landscape of the two cities. The Riverwalk takes walkers from Bonney Park in the south to the Great Falls View Point at the north end. Mount Apatite is a great place to take a hike or take your mountain bike. And Lake Auburn is a scenic lake where many locals go to fish for salmon and trout.

Lewiston-Auburn is, like much of Maine, quite cold. Its winters are very cold and snowy, while its summers are warm. Humidity stays about the same throughout the year.

Car shipping in Lewiston-Auburn with AMPM.

Between the two cities of Lewiston-Auburn, there are a lot of people who need a reliable car shipping service. AMPM is proud to provide the best vehicle transport service that Mainers can find. The work that we do will leave your car in flawless condition every single time. AMPM’s dedication to impeccable service is unrivaled in the car shipping industry.

One way that AMPM separates itself from other car shipping companies is that door-to-door service comes standard with your order. Other companies may require you to drop off and pick up your car from inconvenient terminals, but not AMPM. We can pick your car up from anywhere and haul it anywhere! As long as our trucks can legally drive on the road your car is on, we can come and get it.

We have the experience, skills, and certification to complete any job. Thanks to our friends at DOT Operating Authority, we know that our business is completely authorized to operate anywhere in the U.S. Our trucks are well-maintained and capable of hauling vehicles of all shapes and sizes. On top of that, we only work with drivers who are committed to giving your car the care it deserves. With AMPM, you won’t have to worry about a thing while your car is in transit.

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