Lexus debuts strange new minivan

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Lexus has managed to design one of the most hideous yet simultaneously appealing vehicles I have ever laid eyes on. The Lexus LM 350 debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is an obtuse luxury van modeled after the Toyota Alphard.

What makes this car so remarkable is that it looks like a large insect you would find on the streets of Texas during the summer months. Apparently its target market is the Chinese elite, who like to show up places in style and make a statement.

It has become more sought after than traditional three-box sedans and unwieldly hideous. It is unclear how someone would design such a ghastly vehicle but at the same time, it’s kind of hard to look away. So if you’re intention is to make a statement upon arrival, this vehicle would definitely do the trick.

The Lexus LM 350 is not yet available in the United States. But Lexus has trademarked the LM350 and LM300h nameplates in the United States.  It would be cool to see this twist on the minivan here on US Highways.

Image: Lexus

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