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There’re way more women you can see on the road working as truck drivers than there were ten years ago. So what is it like for a woman to live a trucker’s life? And how is it really different from that of male drivers?

A lot of trainers actually say that in some aspects women are better drivers, despite any stereotypes. They are often more cautious and not aggressive drivers so sometimes they drive safer than men do. When being trained, women listen carefully and want to be more thorough when men just want to go and try everything themselves and get it over with.

So as drivers, women are pretty reliable. And as for life over the road, people always see same things differently. Yes, women get special treatment from their male colleagues. And men can mean different things as they offer their help or, let’s say, a free meal at the truck stop. So it’s really about different personalities. Some women enjoy the fact that men are sweet to them and always eager to help. Still they need to be careful and read the intent behind men’s words. But it’s pretty much the same in life off the road, too.

Other women don’t like being treated differently at all. Sometimes they would ask you for help or directions over the radio, and that’s all they want to get from you. Sweet talking and anything else that will make them think they’re somehow different from male drivers, won’t make them feel any good.

Also there’re all this talking about women being sexually harassed by their trainers or during periods of team driving. But the truth is, many male truckers are really decent guys. Yes, you have to be cautious and read the sings. But don’t think it’s some kind of industry for sex predators. There’re good guys and bad guys everywhere. This line of work is no exception.

If you’re a lady driving a truck, we will be happy to hear your story in comments!

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  1. Patty Crinckon

    I had trucker friends who were female back in the ’80’s. It’s the same thing now as it was then. Give respect, get respect.

  2. Laural Funas

    I like seeing more women driving trucks on the road. I think they are a bit nicer than their male counterparts.

  3. Tom Fererre

    I would really like that image of bad women drivers to go away. It’s a myth that was invented to control women when the auto culture took off. Now it’s just silly. Women are proven to be better drivers than men.

  4. Barb Feralt

    Thanks for sharing this post! There are new ad campaigns popping up over the last year that states it’s really the guy’s responsibility to control themselves. If women truck driver trainees are being sexually harassed then that needs to be reported and addressed by the Training companies and the people who work for them.

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