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Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California. In fact, it’s the second-largest city in the country. Its population is around 4 million people.

Los Angeles is a famous and beloved travel destination because it has so much to offer. For instance, there’s the day hike to the iconic Hollywood Sign, where you can get great views of the city below. Another great way to spend a beautiful Southern Californian day is at Universal Studios Hollywood, a movie studio-turned-theme park. And, of course, there’s always Los Angeles’ many gorgeous beaches, many of which are world-famous.

The weather is pleasant throughout the year. It rarely rains and never snows in the city. However, the peaks that can be seen from the city will often have snow on top. The hottest months of the year are August and September, where temperatures regularly reach the 90s. Still, the sky can be foggy in the morning during summer.

AMPM Los Angeles Auto Transport

Are you moving to Los Angeles? Has the City of Angels drawn you in with its lure of fame and fortune? Can you not resist the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business? Whatever it is that’s bringing you to Southern California, make sure you team up with AMPM Auto Transport, L.A.’s number one choice for car shipping!

Changing your life with a big move can be full of complications and hassle. However, by joining forces with AMPM Auto Transport, you can minimize some of the agony associated with big moves. We deliver first-class car shipping every time, so you don’t have to drive your vehicle all the way across the country. With AMPM, you can rest assured that your car will arrive safely and quickly.

We provide a variety of car shipping services, so you can always find a transport service that works for you. From the high-security of enclosed transport to the affordability of open transport, there is a service for everyone at AMPM. We even tackle a wide variety of specialized car shipping services, like corporate relocations and auction auto transport. And if your car is vintage or exotic and needs special care, we offer an option specifically for you!

Worried about your car sitting on the back of one of our carriers? Our exceptional drivers ensure that there’s never anything to worry about. We even provide some of the best Los Angeles truck insurance in the area, both for our own vehicles and for others. AMPM is a respected veteran of the car shipping world with over a decade of exemplary service. When you choose AMPM, you choose the best service money can buy.

Call us today! AMPM is excited to set you up with first-class car shipping!

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