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Maine is the northeasternmost state in the U.S. and the northernmost of the Contiguous 48 states. It is also one of the least populated states in the country, with a total population of around 1.3 million.

Maine has a reputation as a place of great natural beauty. Its rocky coast, low mountains, dense forests, and gorgeous waterways make Maine a popular destination. Its coastline is famously beautiful, too, especially at Acadia National Park, with its dense woodlands and rocky coastline. Acadia offers stunning views of the Atlantic and many miles of excellent hiking trails.

People come from all over to take in Maine’s grand harbors, bays, and rustic lakes. This includes the spectacular Moosehead Lake, which is both the largest lake in Maine and the second-largest in New England after Lake Champlain. Many visitors enjoy Moosehead Lake for its beauty, water sports, and the many small townships that dot its shore.

Maine’s largest city, Portland, has quite a few things to draw people in as well. You can sample some of Maine’s famous seafood at places like the Eventide Oyster Company. Or, you can sit down for a beer at the Allagash Brewery. Finally, you can take a stroll through Maine’s history in the Old Port District.

Maine’s climate is rather cool, even in the summer, when the state’s highs top out in the high 70s. The winters here are long, cold, and quite snowy. However, Maine doesn’t experience as many severe weather events, like thunderstorms and tornadoes, as the rest of the U.S. east of the Rocky Mountains. In Maine, you know what you’re getting with the weather: cold.

AMPM Maine Car Shipping

People flock to Maine because its natural wonders are largely unparalleled in the states. Plus, its homey, authentic vibe represents a noticeable retreat from the complicated urban life many experience elsewhere. If you’re thinking about heading to Maine, even if it’s just for the summer, be sure to contact AMPM Auto Transport.

AMPM’s goal is to simplify one portion of your journey by handling your car with professionalism. Rather than waste time and money driving your vehicle to your new home, we’ll do it for you! When you let AMPM handle your car, you’ll know that it’s in the right hands.

AMPM is a respected leader in the auto transport industry because we can expertly handle any shipping task. This includes corporate relocations, if you’re moving a business, or dealer auto transport, if you have to move your car from a dealer to your new home in Maine. Of course, these services serve to complement our standard open or enclosed car transport. No matter what you need from your car transport company, AMPM can give it to you!

You may worry about a car transport company not taking good enough care of your car. However, with AMPM, that worry melts away. Thanks to our exceptional drivers, we guarantee the complete safety of your car every time we ship it. On top of that, we have extensive car carrier insurance that ensures that if something does go wrong, you won’t have to pay for it. We want you to have the utmost confidence that the work we do will keep your car in perfect shape.

AMPM serves all of Maine. Check out some of the cities we’ve shipped cars to and from:

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