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Medford Car Transport

Mt. McLoughlin overlooks Medford.

Medford is Jackson County’s seat and the eighth-largest city in Oregon. It has a population of around 86,000.

Medford is an outdoorsy city, known for its beautiful and serene natural areas. North of the city, the Rogue River is a popular spot for fishing and other water activities. There’s even a live music venue right on the water! Hiking trails to places like Upper and Lower Table Rock provide great views of tranquil scenery. And Medford is the closest city to a few lakes, notably Diamond, Applegate, and Agate lakes. For those who enjoy spending their time in the natural world, Medford is the place to be.

Medford is warmer and drier than typical cities in Oregon. This is due to its location in the Rogue Valley, which is in a rain shadow area. It gets most of its rain in December, when its climate more closely resembles that of the Oregon coast.

Car transport in Medford with AMPM

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